Before the Debate …

As I prepare for the Leaders Debate tonight, my thoughts are on the issues that matter to ordinary Albertans.

In this election Albertans have a choice – they can vote for conservative parties that keep Alberta’s wealth for their CEO and lobbyist friends, or New Democrats and our vision to makeAlberta’s prosperity work for everyone. 

This election for me and for the New Democrats has been all about showing Albertans that it’s possible to see our prosperity benefit everyone.

I believe that if we act to make sure thatAlberta’s wealth belongs to each and every Albertan:

  • we can provide quality publicly delivered health care
  • deliver affordable electricity
  • help young Albertans succeed
  • sustain a clean, healthy environment, and
  • make oil sands prosperity work for all Albertans by getting a fair return on our     resources.

The Conservative government has been in power for half a lifetime.  And the people of Alberta in this election have clearly been saying that’s too long.  But as all Albertans think about how to move our province forward, we can’t look to the Wildrose Party. 

Neither of these conservative parties can be trusted with our essential public services, with our health care, our education, or with our environment. Instead, they’re committed to looking for opportunities for their friends in the boardrooms to make a profit.  That means privatized healthcare, cuts to services, and unfairly low taxes for the wealthiest Albertans and corporations, and the lowest royalties in the world. 

The Alberta New Democrats is the party that’s committed to strengthening public health care, delivering electricity that is affordable for families, helping young Albertans succeed in and out of the classroom, maintaining our environment, and ensuring that the resource wealth from our oil sands benefits all Albertans.  We want Alberta to be a place where ordinary people and working and middle-income families are important again. 

Our platform makes a difference for ordinary in every corner and community in this province. It’s a plan that’s focused on improving the everyday lives of ordinary people, not benefitting people of one ideology or another. 

There’s such momentum building behind the New Democrats in this election.  And I’m excited about what April 23 will bring. 

I believe that Alberta belongs to all of us.  And that’s what the Alberta New Democrats will fight for every day in the next four years.

About brianmasonndp

I am the MLA for Edmonton Highlands-Norwood.
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