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During the last four years, the NDP Opposition has fought for the priorities of ordinary Albertans, against a government that seems more interested in protecting the interests of large corporations, and in holding on to power at all costs. Our priorities include protecting public health care, ensuring quality accessible education, providing safe and affordable care for seniors, and affordable electricity prices. We want to ensure that Albertans get full value on the royalties for the resources we own together, and that we process these resources here in Alberta to maximize jobs for us and for future generations. Alberta belongs to all of us, not just the very wealthy.

The past four years have seen a number of victories for our caucus. The NDP caucus has successfully campaigned for restoration of the $110 million cut to the education budget, the increase in AISH payments to the disabled, an independent Children’s Advocate to stand up for children in government care, improved water monitoring in the oil sands, and fixed election dates, to name but a few.

Rachel Notley and I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve the public. Alberta is a wonderful place to live, and we believe it can be even better. Thank you.

About brianmasonndp

I am the MLA for Edmonton Highlands-Norwood.
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