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A night at the museum.

It’s a fascinating situation. Last evening at 6:30 PM, a very odd time for a news conference, Jeff Johnson, Alberta’s newly minted Infrastructure Minister announced that the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) project was being put on “hold”. He blamed the Federal government, who … Continue reading

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Fall Session Victory!

On Sunday, I called on Premier-elect Redford to reverse her position and allow a fall session of the Alberta Legislature. Today, following the Tory caucus meeting, it was announced that the fall session was back on. This morning, I pointed … Continue reading

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Hold on a minute, Ms. Premier.

Congratulations to Alison Redford on her startling win of the PC leadership race. By virtue of her victory, Redford becomes the interim Premier of Alberta, until she can test the voters in an election. It was a stunning upset, made … Continue reading

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