Welcome to my blog, “An insiders view of Alberta politics”. I hope it will allow me to provide some insight into what goes on here at the legislature and in the political realm as a whole. Of course, I will be unable to resist expounding on the virtues of Alberta’s NDP and some of our ideas to make life better for Alberta families. So for those who dislke partisanship, I apologize in advance.

I also hope to provoke some good debate and discussion about Alberta politics and hopefully generate a few good ideas to improve public policy in Alberta. So please feel free to participate – I’d like this to be a two-way conversation.

Some of my staff are a little nervous about me getting into trouble by being too controversial. But I’ve been elected for 21 years now, and I know where most of the cowpies in the pasture are, since I’ve stepped in most of them at one time or another. Maybe I’ll find some new ones, but here goes.

About brianmasonndp

I am the MLA for Edmonton Highlands-Norwood.
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10 Responses to Welcome!

  1. kelly says:

    Hello Brian. I have belonged to the NDP party for a few years now. I am just starting to really pay more attention to politics in Alberta. I look forward to some educating and informing discussions. Good luck with avoiding those pies.

  2. Getting into trouble over being “too” candid? Not a chance. People are hungry for the truth. There’s been too much dissembling and blowing smoke in people’s eyes. People want to hear the truth, no matter how ugly it may be.

    So, thank you for launching this site and thank you for being honest (a very rare quality in today’s political class).

  3. Dave Hancock says:

    Looking forward to helping with that dialogue. From experience I can tell you it is difficult to keep up both with issues and responses – but everything which adds to positive debate on public policy is of value – no matter how partisan. Partisan can be done without mean spirited mudslinging we can challenge each others ideas without maligning character. So no need to apologize for partisanship

  4. michael pettigrew says:

    looking forward to your posts! great work……..

  5. Ken Chapman says:

    Welcome Brian – we will all benefit from your contributions and perspectives.

  6. Bruce Martel says:

    Good job Brian….looking forward to more discussions and debate…

  7. Although I probably lean a bit further to the right I have always admired your down to earth common sense, your constant standing up for the little guy, your sharp humor, and your dogged drive to hold the government to account. Look forward to reading your blog!
    Doug Malsbury, Secretary, Alberta Surface Rights Group

  8. Karren Brown says:

    Welcome Brian. Looking forward to your posts and tweets.

  9. John Boeringa says:

    Nice to meet you here.
    Keep up the good work ,o’h… and just think …nuclear power and power lines and you are there. 1+1=2.
    About time somebody connected these two thing.

  10. John Boeringa says:

    Nice to meet you Brian.
    Keep up the good works.
    We noted your comment on the CBC about the power lines.
    You are almost there! Just add nuclear power plants ” up north” and you made it.
    You remember the talk a few years ago?

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